Athletic Trainer in California

How to become a certified Athletic Trainer in California.

As an athletic trainer in California, you will be working with physicians to assist athletes as they recover from athletic injuries. This includes preconditioning, conditioning and reconditioning. California is the only state in the entire country that does not require any certification to become an Athletic Trainer. This means that anyone can use this title, regardless of his or her qualifications.

This has been a point of contention across the state, particularly after Governor Jerry Brown vetoed AB 1890. This bill would have made it illegal for anyone to call him or herself a Certified Athletic Trainer without the proper educational requirements and licensure as required in all other states. In justification of his veto Governor Brown was quoted saying “these conditions impose unnecessary burdens on athletic trainers without sufficient evidence that they are really needed.”

Until such time as a new bill is introduced requiring Athletic Trainers to acquire licensure, California will remain the easiest state in America for people to become Certified Athletic Trainers.


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Athletic Trainer Jobs in California


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